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Create, Backtest, and Deploy in a minute.

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Algo trade without coding:

Use customisable technical indicators or simple price based signals.

Key in your entry and exit signals in English.

Create algo for multiple stocks in a minute.


Measure your algo performance:

Generate metrics like P&L , winning streak, max gains, and max drawdown with one click.

Customise your algos by modifying target profit, stop loss percentage and candle interval.

Compare algo performance across multiple stocks at a time.


Monitor live markets:

Deploy algos intraday or overnight without margin

Streak bots monitor multiple stock movements for you.

Get actionable alerts for entry and exit signals.

Streak is an extension to Kite - Zerodha's exchange approved trading platform.

Reliable stock data.

Orders executed at ease.

One dashboard for all strategies.

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Experience Live Algo Trading

No coding required

Free Trial - ₹ 0/-

Till 30th June 2018

100 Backtests a day

5 Live algos at a time

Monthly subscription - ₹ 500/-

Get COMPLETE ACCESS to the platform.

200 Backtests a day

50 Live algos at a time



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Streak gives 200 backtests and 50 live deployments everyday for ₹ 500/- (+ GST) a month (Free till 30th June 2018).

   Zero Coding

Intuitive interface to build trading algos without coding. Trade objectively and benefit from market movements.


Run up to 200 backtests a day on any scrip listed on NSE. You can tweak various parameters to measure algo performance.

   Live Algos

Deploy up to 50 live algos at any given time. Streak bots will constantly scan for signals and generate real time actionable alerts.

   Privacy Protection

All algos you create are private. Only you will be able to view, modify or deploy these algos.


Get insights such as number of signals generated, winning and losing streak, winning trades and much more.

   Actionable Alerts

One click order placement when trading signals are generated. Get instant alerts on email, mobile and website.

₹ 500/- (+ GST) per month will be charged from your Zerodha account (Free till 30th June 2018). You can cancel anytime.

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