9 20bearish

The options scanner pinpoints the finnifty options contracts with an SMA(21) less than or equal to the SMA(50), while ensuring the RSI(14) is under 50, observed on a 5-minute chart, indicating a potential downtrend and weakened relative strength. This information is highly relevant for those using intraday screeners.


Nifty 500

Time Frame

1 Day


SMA(close, 9, 0) crosses below SMA(close, 20, 0) and RSI(14,0) lower than 40 higher than equal to 35 and Close(0) crosses below Supertrend(10,2,0) and ADX(14,0) higher than equal to 20 and Volume(0) higher than Volume(-1) and MACD(12,26,9,signal,0) higher than MACD(12,26,9,macd,0)