Bullish Inside bar on BankNifty Weekly

Bullish Inside Bar is a bullish continuation pattern where the current candle's price range is within the previous candle's range. You can watch this webinar to learn more:


BankNifty Weekly

Time Frame

1 Day


High(0) - Low(0) down by 25% from High(1) - Low(1) and Abs( Multitime frame(day, Open(0) ) - Multitime frame(day, Close(0) ) ) lower than Abs( Multitime frame(day, Open(1) ) - Multitime frame(day, Close(1) ) ) and High(0) lower than High(1) and Low(0) higher than Low(1) and Open(0) lower than Close(0) and Open(1) higher than Close(1) and Close(0) lower than Open(1) and Open(0) higher than Close(1)